About Us

Transforming the Plumbing Industry

Wattapac, is creating water saving awareness in the plumbing industry and has saved millions of liters of water since its launch in 2017. 

In light of the chronic water shortage issue GLOBALLY, it is ironic that plumbers who work with water on a daily basis and should be helping to save water, discard vast quantities of water when replacing hot water cylinders and undertaking general hot water cylinder maintenance. Out of this need to conserve water, Wattapac was developed as an innovative bladder which allows plumbers Our mission at Wattapac is to change this wasteful trend and connect certified, trusted Wattapac registered plumbers with clients to  make a difference for future generations.

Out of the chronic global need to conserve water, the innovative Wattapac hot water cylinder water recycling system was developed. This is a simple to use system which reduces water wastage, saves time and saves energy. 

This system allows plumbers to pump water from a hot water cylinder into a heat resistant bladder whilst undertaking hot water cyclinder maintenance or repairs, to store the hot water in the bladder, and to pump the hot water back into the hot water cylinder upon completion of work reducing water wastage, saving time and energy. 


Wattapac is innovative

In 2019 Wattapac won the esteemed IOPSA Innovative Product of the Year Award.

Wattapac was accepted by the City of Cape Town (COCT) Water and Sanitation Department as an alternative product technology in 2017. 

Wattpac has also been exhibited at numerous exhibitions including the COCT Old Mutual Water Drought Crisis Expo,  the Penbev Coca Cola Water Expo, as well as the Plumdrain Expo.

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