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About Us

Wattapac is transforming the Plumbing Industry

In light of the chronic water shortage experienced globally, it is ironic that plumbers who work with water on a daily basis and should be helping to save water, discard vast quantities of water when replacing and undertaking hot water cylinders maintenance.

Our mission at Wattapac is to change this wasteful trend and connect Wattapac  plumbers with clients to  make a difference for future generations.

Wattapac, is creating water saving awareness in the plumbing industry and has saved countless millions of litres of water since its launch in 2017.

Not only does Wattapac save water, it also greatly reduces the turnaround time for hot water cylinder repairs and replacements, allowing plumbers to drain a standard hot water cylinder in 5-7 minutes and refill in 5-7 minutes, as opposed to up to 45 minutes. 

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Together we can make a difference!

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If you are a qualified plumber then purchase your Wattapac system now and join us on our mission to conserve water.

our partners

Wattapac is registered with IOPSA and has partnered with many other industry players in our mission to make a difference.

wattapac is innovative

In 2019 Wattapac won the esteemed IOPSA Innovative Product of the Year!

watTapac saves water

Wattapac has received media recognition for the part we are playing in reducing water wastage during hot water cylinder repairs.