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The Brains Trust

My name is Charles Watt, I am a licensed, registered plumber and have been in business for 20 years.

I have recently registered my company, Wattapac (Pty) Ltd, and have designed a product which will make a substantial contribution to water conservation.

The Inspiration

In light of the chronic water shortage issues worldwide, it is ironic that plumbers who work with water on a daily basis and should be helping save water, discard vast quantities of water when replacing geysers and undertaking general geyser maintenance. All plumbers should do their utmost to save water.

According to statistics, an average of 6.2million geysers are sold in South Africa annually.

Working on this amount, up to 124 million litres of water is discarded by plumbers annually on geyser replacements alone, this does not include element, anode and drip tray replacements, for which there are no statistics. The final figure of water wastage could easily be five times this amount.

The Solution

Wattapac is a reinforced PVC bag with durable seams which can handle heat of up to 70 deg celsius, it is pump rotated and it’s purpose is for draining and refilling geysers, reusing the water from the geyser as opposed to the usual method used by plumbers whereby water drained from the geyser is discarded. The Wattapac comes with a bag, pump and all fittings.

The Result

A 200L geyser will take 15 minutes to drain and refill using our product, it’s a win win solution!

In one of our testing processes we have drained and refilled a 200l geyser 20 times reusing the same water, which is equivalent to 4 000 litres of water.

Essentially if you drain a 200l geyser out normally, the water goes down the drain, and another 200L is required to refill the geyser, a total of 400L of water.

This product will not only benefit the plumber, but the client too.

Not only will you save massive amounts of water, but time and money too.

We also manufacture a range of larger bladders suitable for draining of industrial boilers and swimming pools, water storage purposes and firefighting

Every drop counts!

Latest News

Our Products

We offer the following Wattapac bladders:

200L pack
500L pack in utility box
1000L bladder
2000L bladder
5000L bladder
10 000L bladder
30m heavy duty hose

*Standard packs include BLADDER, PUMP AND FITTINGS in 2 carry bags*

*Hosepipe is optional*