We have been using the Wattapac since December 2017 with great success. Clients appreciate the consideration and respect we show when saving water. We have 6 installing teams at a minimum of a 150L geyser per day, you do the math. We also use it when replacing elements and do at least 6 per day. We had no failure on either the pump nor the bladder and must congratulate you on your follow up service.

Rayno Smuts,
Plumb Gurantee

We have been using Wattapac water saving device for only one month and already we have saved almost 5000Lt of water! An excellent investment in our efforts to conserve water - especially during times of severe shortages. The process is incredibly efficient and our clients are happy knowing that their restricted water supply isn't simply flowing down the drain

Grant James,
Infinite Plumbing Solutions

We are Insurance Panel Contractor via Fogi based in Cape Town. I purchase Wattapac's for each of my plumbing vans end of November, such a great idea on saving water "going down the drain". We pump on a average of 750 - 1000 liters of water a day via Wattapac, just by replacing burst geysers and elements. Not only does the Wattapac save water, but also increases time to drain and refill geyser, pumping it faster than the Municipal supply. We are about to go to Level 6a water restriction here in the Cape as from 1 Feb, meaning only 250 litters of water a day per house hold, saving the geyser water is SO vital.

Gavin Long,
South Peninsula Plumbing

In Cape Town with our water crises there is nothing worse than water loss or water wastage.

Watts Plumbing, had recently designed and manufactured a water saving device called WATTAPAC, where no water drained from the geyser would be lost, there would be no chance of spillage, and less time would be taken to complete the whole geyser replacement process. (more…)

Marina Quarmby,
Property Owner

A big thank you to Watt's Plumbing for fast and efficient service. The friendly staff responded immediately to our call and was at the front door within 30 minutes.

The ingenious way in which water was conserved and re-used was very impressive.

Aletta Joubert,

The wattapac has become a necessary part of the Kwikot Western Cape Plumbers arsenal. It has been a valuable addition to our already world class service, to be able to do the right thing for the customer and deliver expert service and not waste a drop of water doing it. The wattapac is a product every plumber should own, especially in the water stricken western Cape.

Paul Rawsthorne,
Kwikot Branch Manager